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Welcome to Villa Banjar Beach

Boundless bliss on Bali

The five-star boutique Villa Banjar Beach is situated on one of the most beautiful islands in the world: Bali. It is located directly on the exotic sandy beaches of Banjar, in Northern Bali (near Lovina).  Here you have the possibility to spend a dream holiday in a special private villa with a magnificent swimming pool and beautiful tropical garden.

The residence offers you all Western luxuries and comfort and is located in breathtakingly beautiful surroundings. The villa stands on a private site, not a resort, and has three air conditioned bedrooms each with a private bathroom and a private swimming pool of 5 x 12 meters.

Bali island is known for its exotic culture, beautiful tropical nature and sunny beaches. Northern Bali has all these attributes, but is less touristy and busy than the southern part of the island. In the immediate vicinity of the villa you will find traditional rice fields, coconut palms and grapes fields. On visible distance there are mighty volcano mountains with waterfalls, lakes and tropical forests.

The villa offers the hospitable services of its staff, who are ready to help you with all your daily needs and wishes. You will reach the at the villa after a scenic drive across the volcanic mountains . Upon arrival you will be welcomed by the staff. Everything will have been prepared in advance, so you won’t have to do anything – your vacation starts immediately.

Matt & Helga