What to do in Lovina?

Lovina is a popular town in north Bali, but a lot quieter than the touristy south. It is the perfect place to experience the local Balinese culture and an excellent base to discover the north of Bali. Thanks to the shallow lagoon and the calm current, you can enjoy swimming and snorkeling here. It is also a great place for novice divers and you can spot dolphins from Lovina. If you love the delicious food that is so characteristic of Indonesia, then you will definitely be delighted after a tour of Bali! Look below for more trips in the area!

Dolphin Watching - Lovina Beach

The boat trip starts and ends at the beach of our private villa. Early in the morning, the boat will pick you up and the trip takes roughly 2 hours. Most trips will find many dolphins and this sea trip is one of the best activities in Lovina Beach.

Mountain biking - Rice field

The mountain bike tour starts and ends in the garden of the holiday villa. You can choose between easy or challenging routes where you cycle through nature, rice fields and local villages. During the break, you can enjoy local delicacies with the instructor's family.

Snorkeling & Diving - Menjangan

There are small reefs with many beautiful fish near the villa and at Lovina Beach. It is the ideal place to discover the underwater world of Bali. A little further is Menjangan Island, a nature reserve with large reefs, huge diversity of fish and coral and diving schools.

Hot Springs - Banjar

The natural Banjar Hot Springs (Air Panas) are located in the hills, a couple of minutes from the villa. The three baths/pools are located in a beautiful tropical garden and contain medicinal warm water of about 35 degrees.

Rafting - Ubud

The most famous rivers are the Ayung river near Ubud, the Telaga Waja river and Unda river. These rivers are located in the Gunung Agung volcano area. On the Telaga Waja river, there is a high waterfall of 4 meters for the adrenaline seekers! You can go rafting in Bali all year round.

Waterfalls - Gitgit

This is the highest waterfall in Bali and has a height of 45 to 80 meters. The waterfall lies in a tropical rainforest and is approximately thirty minutes from the villa. At the entrance, you will find all kinds of small shops with clothes and fruit.

National Park - Bali Barat

There is a large national park in the tropical jungle where you can admire birds, iguanas and other inhabitants of the tropics. You can also take walks or dive at one of the many coral reefs on the coast.

Golf - Handara Kosaido

The Handara Koseido Golf & Country Club is one of Asia's 18-hole top-5 courses. The golf course is located in the mountains at an altitude of 1.000 meters near Bedugul and approximately 1 hour away from the villa. The temperature at the course is moderate due to the height, making it pleasant to play golf.

Hot Springs - Air Sanih

The Air Sanih water sources are located on the road towards Singaraja. Despite the name, it is actually not a real hot spring but a natural swimming pool with water from the mountains. On weekends, it can be very busy with local visitors.

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