Meet the staff

The staff is available 6 days a week and the security 7 days a week. They maintain the villa, the garden, cook, wash, iron and do small groceries. The staff is flexible and on a daily basis, you can choose what food you want to try. Opt for delicious local dishes or go for familiar western recipes. Tip! Ask the staff if you can join them to the local market in the morning. Of course, you can choose to cook yourself, all equipment and inventory is in house. Security is always available at night. The staff will also be happy to help you organize trips such as hiking in the area, dolphin spotting in Lovina, visiting Gitgit waterfalls, mountain biking in the rice fields, snorkeling or other activities.


Hi! We are Kadek and Desak! We are from the nearby village Banjar (next to Lovina) and have been working in the villa for over 10 years. We can make the tastiest traditional local dishes. Or try one of our western style dishes for you!

Gardener & security

Hi! We are Ketut and Eddy! During the day, my brother and I (Ketut) maintain the large tropical garden. In addition, I can pick fresh fruit or coconuts from our garden for your breakfast! Eddy is present at night as a security.

Private driver

Hi! I am Erik! I live in Lovina Beach I and am the private driver for the guests in the villa. You can contact me for all types of transport! I can pick you up or take you to the airport. In addition, I can take you to all activities in the area and I know all the restaurants and shops in Lovina and surroundings!

Lokaal, duurzaam & helpdesk service

We build the villa with sustainable and locally produced materials. For example, the roof of the villa consists of natural reed and the stones come from a local quarry. The design of the villa with the high roof and the stones ensure that it is always cool inside. The interior feels modern, luxurious, with a combination of Western, and local Asian atmospheric elements. 

The international help desk will help you with all your questions during your stay. They will help you with renting a car or scooter, planning day trips or making an appointment for a massage in the villa. In addition, there is also an information folder in the house with an overview of all sights and activities.